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Flooring is a unique canvas for self-expression that echoes your style and is an extension of your personality. As a leading provider of top quality flooring, we take pride in being the Exclusive Distributor of NAF & INFINITI Laminate Flooring & Aquaplus SPC Flooring from Floors@Work, one of the largest flooring company in Canada & USA. Premium quality manufactured to the highest international standards.


NAFI Floor is one of the leading soft flooring materials trading company in Malaysia. NAFI Floor offers top quality products from international brands.




Get Best Laminate Flooring For Home & Office

Flooring is the most essential part of every home. That is why you need to pay extra attention when choosing the flooring for your home and office. Laminate Flooring is one of the most popular and in use of flooring in the whole world. If you do not know about its feature then relax. Here are some reasons to convince you to get Laminate flooring as your flooring. The best thing about it is its affordability. In addition to that, this flooring is very durable as well as long-lasting. It is very easy and convenient to keep it clean and in pristine condition. Moreover, such a trendy thing should be a part of your life.

Why go for Laminate Flooring and SPC Flooring in Malaysia?

There are many reasons, which support the use of Laminate Flooring and Laminate wood flooring in Malaysia. First and foremost, they have the ease of installation that is very helpful and accommodating. In addition to that, they are very easy to maintain and keep clean. If your room gets too messy and you are a busy person then do not worry. This Laminate Flooring is the most appropriate flooring according to your given requirements.

Laminate Flooring Dubai | Latest & Trendy Laminate Floor UAE
Laminate Flooring Dubai | Latest & Trendy Laminate Floor UAE
Laminate Flooring Dubai | Latest & Trendy Laminate Floor UAE

What is the Laminate price at NafiFloor?

If you want to change the flooring of your home but have a tight budget. Then you do not need to take stress at all! NAFI Floor is the best Flooring Supplier in Malaysia is very economic as well as affordable. Our flooring is of very fine quality. It can easily last a few years if you take good care of it and keep it clean. We provide laminate flooring in Malaysia at very economical rates. That is why NAFI Floor is the best in the whole market of Malaysia.

Benefits of Laminate Flooring

There are multiple numbers of benefits of choosing NAFI Floor for your home and office. First, we have long-term flooring warranties. We are proud of our Laminate Flooring as our customers swear by the durability of our floors. In addition to that, the floors are very environmentally friendly too. They have recycled products hence account for less waste in the environment. As they use the trash, waste, and other products hence the Laminate Flooring keeps the floor’s environment clean and beautiful.

Laminate Flooring Dubai | Latest & Trendy Laminate Floor UAE
Laminate Flooring Dubai | Latest & Trendy Laminate Floor UAE
Laminate Flooring Dubai | Latest & Trendy Laminate Floor UAE

Stain, Fade, and Moisture Resistant Benefits of Laminate flooring

We are considered as one of the reliable laminate flooring suppliers in Malaysia that offer up to 30 years warranty against stains, fading, and moisture damage to the floors, unlike other laminate flooring providers. Our best laminate flooring in Malaysia is highly good for the people who are busy and have dogs, cats, kids, and even protects the floor from high heels.

Choose Exceptionally Durable Laminate Flooring in Malaysia

Our laminate floor happens to be really stronger and even more scratch-resistant as it is protected by a tougher external layer with the resin coating multiple layers of aluminium oxide coating ( one of the hardest material). Not just that laminate flooring is impact-resistant, and longer-lasting in comparison to hardwood, vinyl, or even carpet being used. The Laminate wood Flooring is offered by our hardworking designers and engineers if maintained well can last up to more than 30 years.

Laminate flooring is Easy to Clean and Maintain

So did you hear about the special surface, which is amazing and does not require waxes or varnishes to get a new loo all the year? The super coating on the surface of the laminate flooring happens to be stain as well as moisture-resistant making accidental spills and any other messes easy to handle aftward. 

Take the Cheap Laminate Flooring as an Economical Option

Laminate Flooring is considered a preferably economical choice to save some money and say bye to the annual expenditures as well. For starters, laminate flooring price is generally less than many other hard surface floors, but when it comes to durability and longevity, there is no compromise in that area as well. 

Laminate Flooring offers a variety of styles

With new styles and colors that are endless in addition to the laminate flooring installation service in Malaysia by us, against the common trend of Laminate Flooring to simulate the authentic look of hardwood or stone, we offer a variety of numerous color tones,  modern patterns, and elegant styles that enable our customers to match the floors with the exact style of the room, in both rich and elegant, modern and contemporary. We as one of the most famous laminate flooring suppliers are pleased to offer an extensive spectrum of colors that exhibit realism as well as quality for you.

Laminate Flooring Dubai | Latest & Trendy Laminate Floor UAE
Laminate Flooring Dubai | Latest & Trendy Laminate Floor UAE
Laminate Flooring Dubai | Latest & Trendy Laminate Floor UAE

Quality Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring is specially designed to withstand heavy traffic effects keeping in mind. The quality of our Laminate Flooring is famous, as it is the best in regards to given styles and durability. We are one of the trusted and tried laminate & SPC flooring suppliers that offer waterproofed laminate flooring for moisture resistance for specific areas, where humidity is higher than in other areas. Take our laminate & SPC flooring installation services to get the maximum durability from our laminate floors. We provide quality services just like the quality of our quality products. You can also take suggestion from our experts if get confused with laminate floor. 

Why Choose Us For Laminate Flooring?

At affordable rates, you can get top quality laminate & SPC flooring. You won’t be concerned about the outrageous prices and expensive maintaining costs. It is smoother than other flooring options and doesn’t let you worry about problems normally associated with timber flooring in high traffic places such as hallways, corridors, or living rooms. Here you can avail of our affordable  Laminate & SPC prices.

It has a variety of beautiful colors and various styles at the lowest prices and is friendly for pockets of our customers. Do not waste your time and get hands-on with the waterproof SPC and laminate flooring. With numerous advantages that come with the laminate wood flooring get new and trendy interior looks as it is elegant and classy as it would with any expensive flooring material. The easily maintainable laminate floors are best friends of those with a busy lifestyle and can not afford to waste their time. Choose from the variety of laminate & SPC flooring and save time as time is money.