BREATH uses the cutting edge nano filtering technology.
When was the last time that you enjoyed blue skies?
Ultrafine dust and life-threatening pollutants are hidden in fog and smog

“The BREATH protects your respiratory system”

Differentiated from conventional electrostatic filter based masks, the world-class nano-fiber mask filters out 99% pollutants with the size of particles (2.5 ㎛~0.1㎛ ) being smaller than ultrafine dust.

When BREATH mask is cut by scissors, it is possible to find the nano-fiber filter looking like egg shell.


The pore of the nano filter has the very fine size of 0.05~0.1 ㎛. Therefore, it is possible to block fine harmful substances lager than the pore size.

Contain Nano-Silver registered in the US EPA

  • If a conventional yellow dust mask is reused or used long,
    • – Internally: the mask is polluted by coughing and sneezing. The polluted mask has bacteria proliferated. As a result, it is possible to cause nasty and foul smells.
    • – Externally: External pollutants (bacteria and harmful infection bacilli) remain in the mask. The pollutants inhaled can threaten health.
  • BREATH mask with Nano-Silver strongly suppresses bacteria and harmful infection bacilli and is economic due to recyclability reusable.